Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Than Mere Pawns in a Game

More Than Mere Pawns in a Game

God save the children. There are so many children in such insecure situations throughout this world that it is overwhelming to consider. The ravages of war, poverty and economic inequality, familial fracture and the resultant friction, sinking societal morality, governmental indifference, token responsiveness, or prejudice; and sometimes just plain poor parenting have left many children longing for fundamental things. Every child should be loved, have a sense of belonging, possess emotional, material, and physical security, and have someone to guide and help him or her grow into his or her fullest potential.

Through no fault of their own, many children are stuck in the middle of mess created by adults who should be looking out for their wellbeing. It often seems that they are mere pawns in a game.

Children’s lives are hanging in the balance between parents at war with each other; between feuding political leaders battling for power; between community agencies stretched thin trying to be everywhere, doing everything on shoestring budgets or grossly mismanaged resources; and sadly between churches with apathetic members whose idea of ministry is just being at church on Sunday morning. There are ministries in sheep clothing who are more hell bent towards building brand image doing token things to net big bucks for decadence making it hard for legitimate entities to make a greater impact.

Some children feel voiceless, valueless, and possess a deep void within. Internal agony and external eruptions stem from a variety of factors. Some have seen and experienced violence firsthand. Some have feelings of powerlessness and a desire for greater control arising from being tutored by an environment where you dominate or you will be dominated. There some have had every ounce of drive to move forward in life wrung out of them. Some have been often promised more, most of the time received much less, and are weighed down with feelings of betrayal, neglect, and insignificance.

Some have been torn by the gut wrenching demand to choose between mommy and daddy and sometimes the best choice would have been neither based on the scarcity of true affection, meaningful interaction, and emotional, material support given. Those ever so close to them have harmed some to their core. Drug, physical, and sexual abuse and physical and emotional abandonment have left lasting scars.

Our children deserve so much better, so much more from us, adults, who should know better since we were once children ourselves and desirous to grow up in a good environment, a stable home with loving parents free from unnecessary hardship. Though we, ourselves, may have had it hard, we should want and strive to do better by and for our own children.

All adults, whether they be parents or not, should be concerned about the welfare of all children everywhere. If we live, long enough, these children will have to manage the world where we live and care for us when we are in a stage of life where we may no longer be able to care for ourselves. We should do better, because we can do better and if for no other reason than that it is just the right thing to do.

Parents, stop using your children as a way to exact vengeance on one another. Recognize that whatever you pour into your child sooner or later will be poured out-good, evil, or indifference. Failing to promote achievement, morality, responsibility, and dependence upon God will make you cry in the end and most likely damage the welfare of another generation to come.

Understand that being there for your child, means more than being in the same house. Make yourself available for meaningful dialogue to connect with them. If they need help that you are not equipped to give then you get up and you get out and find them the help they need.

Set a good standard for them by the way you live. Be a person of decency, honesty, self-discipline, and productiveness. Remember that your actions, your decisions have consequences and could put your family in unnecessary unstable positions, whether it be management of your personal finances, career choices, or your dating habits. Be aware of the character of the people you allow to be around your children, their friends and yours, too. Be involved in their educational process. Tell them you love them and show them that they matter by showing the love that you profess.

Bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and rear them by His teachings for you will not be able to find a better foundation than that of Jesus Christ.

Children are awesome little wonders from God. Yes, they may tax us with their seemingly endless energy, their constant chatter, and the immaturity of their age. But, let us give them what we desire, love, which is manifested in patience, compassion, and appreciation.

There are some things so obvious that you don’t need another test to measure it. I sometimes consider whether God, in His infinite wisdom, may be using our children as a mirror to show us what is really within ourselves. Though we may be more affluent, we are struggling due to blindness. We have blindness of heart to see reality because we don’t have the time, we don’t have the patience, and we have on our rose colored glasses which provide for us a more desirous alternative view which is only a mirage, it is better to lookout for number one and let others fend for themselves, even one’s own seed.

We don’t really care to come to the realization that many of are children are failing to cope and failing to make the grade because we are failing them. We are failing our future by failing our children today.

The key to tomorrow is in the hands of today’s children. What are we storing up and leaving on the other side of the doors that they must open and enter a future of hope or havoc?

God, in Your great mercy, save Your children! Your word teaches that they are gifts to be treasured from You. (Psalm 127:3-5) In Jesus name, Amen.

I Owe Jesus

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