Thursday, March 22, 2012

Say What You Got To Say…

Say What You Got To Say…

Say what you got to say.
Just do it the right way.
Speak the truth in love,
Show you’ve been reborn from above.
Pray for the right timing, spirit, and words.
Pray that the right message be sent and rightly heard.
Been done wrong? Express how you feel.
Talk it out, forgive, and be healed.
Maybe you weren’t the one that started it,
But you surely can be the one to end it.
You don’t have to huff and puff as the Big Bad Wolf reflected.
You can be courageous, confident, and collected.
Be thoughtful in what you say,
The right words can make a person’s day.
Words can heal the wounded from their strife.
Words have saved some from ending their life.
Speak to affirm, inform, and hold accountable.
Speak to inspire to dream and do the incredible.
Someone is in need a word from you today,
I love you. I was wrong. I pray you have a nice day.
Yes, there are things that silence does best convey.
But, there comes a time when you must say what you got to say.

…a time to speak…
Eccl 3:7

I Owe Jesus

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