Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Time for Thanksgiving...

A Time for Thanksgiving...

Praise God for this Thanksgiving Day. And let us recognize everyday is a day we ought to give thanks for the Lord's tender mercies and loving kindnesses like life, health, strength, opportunity, hope in HIM, and the saving grace HE has made available to all who will receive it.

This day use the time to reflect on God's goodness shown towards you, blessings HE bestowed upon you such as the people in your life, the possessions in your stewardship, the progress you have made over time.

This day use not the time unwisely for do know time is also winding up and the days ahead may not be as long as the days behind. Therefore be wise in the use of the time you have left. Practice good habits, speak positively, act lovingly, forgive, and forge ahead. Grieve those gone on if you must, but rejoice in hope. This is a day to be better not bitter.

Pray and praise God as you enjoy your day thanking HIM for as well as it is. I thank God for Jesus, my family, my church family, and I thank HIM for you, my friends.

Peace and love to you and yours and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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