Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do Yourself Some Good


Do yourself no harm.
If, you have been feeling downcast-sad and blue
And your mind keeps saying there is no hope in life for you.
Do yourself some good.
Seek out and take advantage of caring assistance,
Surely, you can find help, if you search with sincerity and persistence.

Do yourself no harm,
If you have erred and fallen down
And you consider yourself even lower than the ground.
Do yourself some good.
Humbly acknowledge your misstep,
Ask for mercy, and then move on with your life-take the next step.

Do yourself no harm,
If, your life seems such a complicated chore
And each day feels as distressing as the day before.
Do yourself some good.
Be grateful for the good in the life you are living,
Laugh a little, learn a new skill, and bless others-be giving, loving, and forgiving.

Do yourself no harm,
If you have lost all things that, you possessed,
Now you cannot shake the sorrow, the shame, and you are beyond doubt depressed.
Do yourself some good.
Easy come, easy go are titles, treasures, and the tabernacles wherein we reside,
But realize, life is not about what you have, but who you are inside.

Do yourself no harm,
If your relationship has reached a dead end,
Irreparably broken, and there is simply no desire to amend.
Do yourself some good.
Cease from anger, forsake wrath, and love the person even if it is best to part.
One day at a time…One-step at a time…One breath at a time, go on living as you take heart.

Do yourself no harm,
Do yourself some good.
Analyze the good that you have going your way.
God invested time in you, giving you life for one more day.
God endowed you with some talent/s for you to employ, enjoy for work as well as play.
God treasured you so much that He sent His only begotten and beloved Son to die to take your sins away.

Do yourself no harm,
Do yourself some good.
Know that God made you one of a kind with much to offer, too.
Take time to meditate on His word and treasure what He has done for you,
Believe on Jesus as your Savior and Lord, use your talents for Him as a way to say thank you.
Knowing that you are saved, in His service, and in His loving care can help you overcome feeling blue.

I Owe Jesus

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