Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the nick of time

In the nick of time

Alive, but languishing,
Passing away the time,
Passing out dimes as diversion.
Going through the motions,
Unprincipled, undisciplined,
Dabbling in perversion…
Desiring a way out,
But finding no place to fit in.
Struggling, sinking, going under…
Listless, lifeless—
I thought, “I’m a goner,”
But God…He reached down.
But God…He reached out.
But God…He reached in—
Reformed my heart,
Rescued my soul…
I thought I was through,
But Jesus delivered me,
In the nick of time.

Psalms 18:16. He sent from above,
He took me, He drew me out of many waters.

I Owe Jesus

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