Friday, June 10, 2011

Let’s take a stand…

Let’s take a stand…

Let’s take a stand
For the lil boy, before he get
A gun in his hand
Turn stick up kid
Makin robbery demands
Daddy wasn’t there
Society showed little care
Not feelin his blank
Fit in the box, do good or be gone
Feelin trapped in a no win zone
He Concludes that life aint fair
Hard knocks hand him
Nothin but a cold heart
And a dead stare
Growin up on garbage
Way too fast
‘Enter-tRained’ that sex, money,
A ride, and a good time
Is all it takes to make life a blast
He’s somebody’s heart
Momma’s baby boy
But headed toward
A cradling grave
Six feet under,
A waste, alone with no attaboy
But that’s not how
The story has to end
If we can save one
That’s a victory won
But, let’s go for two
We know what to do
Mentor, be a friend
Give help, lend a hand
Take a stand...

…wondered that there was no intercessor…Isaiah 59:16

+ Change comes from +NRG from people willing to do and B+…B+ and you can create +NRG to do+ things for real + change…
Let’s Get Involved…

I Owe Jesus

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