Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Dilemma to Deliverance...

From Dilemma to Deliverance…

Down at the Red Sea,
One might feel cursed,
As the bright hopes of freedom—
Seem to cruelly burst.
An impossible obstacle before,
An incensed enemy behind,
The likely prospect of death.
Is seemingly all that is left to the mind.
Or at least in the eyes of those
Who could not see.
But he who had before beheld
A burning bush’s strange light,
Had become fully persuaded
In his heart of I am that I am’s might.
Troubled all around, the multitude did despair.
But one lifted up his eyes to heaven,
And lifted up his voice in prayer.
Surrounded, confined, and confounded,
He called on The One, The Almighty,
Who is magnificent and matchless.
And God did utter HIS decree,
Speak unto the people,
Tell them to go forward.
Stretch out your rod in faith.
And oh, what a way the Master did make.
The obstacle revealed an opportunity,
A step of faith, to take.
In the midst of the Red Sea,
A hallway, a sure path to freedom was paved.
And they played follow the leader and did rave.
From their enemy, from their despair,
From their bondage, they were saved.
Those once bound and burdened down,
To God their deliverer, freely sent praises up.
From Dilemma to Deliverance…

I Owe Jesus

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