Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Memories of you...

Memories of you…

So long since I saw your face,
Yet, I recall in detail every trace.
I see your face, I hear your voice.
You'd still be here, if it were my choice.
I have no power to restrain the tears,
A flood flows for you’re no longer near.
Awash in overwhelming emotions,
My tears could fill an ocean.
But, I get a grip; I catch my breath,
And meditate on the memories I have left.
You and I, me and you, no more the two,
God, who loved you most and best, claimed you.
But, every now and then, of us, I reminisce.
The good times shared, I really miss.
Wishing you were here, at this moment.
Knowing that cannot be, I lament.
I love you, even more, I truly do,
Memories of you, help me make it through.

Memories of you…
I Owe Jesus

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