Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Passion, Purpose, and Promise

Passion, Purpose, and Promise

Passion met purpose by promise at the cross
God promised His only Son to pay sin’s cost
A profound love, like no other, Jesus did reveal
His handiwork was signified by power and zeal
He lived a sinless life, honorable in every way
His resolution was to work while it was, yet day
To fulfill all righteousness was His sacred aim
His living and dying proved prophetic claim
He delighted to do His Heavenly Father’s will
Though, piercing, pervasive agony, He would feel
Chastised by scourging until His visage was marred
Fueled by love of His Father and our souls, sin-scarred
Our souls were held down, estranged from God, by sin
By design, Jesus was lifted to draw all humanity in
In atonement for our sin debt, He gave His all
All who believe in Him shall rise to Him at His call
May we survey with wonder the cross and the empty tomb
And await His return to take us up to our heavenly room
Until then, let all who He has lifted shoulder their cross
By fervent intent, avow the Gospel pledge to those, yet lost

John 2:17 (Amp) And His disciples remembered that it is written
[in the Holy Scriptures], Zeal (the fervor of love) for Your house will eat
Me up. [I will be consumed with jealousy for the honor of Your house.]

John 2:17 (NLT) Then his disciples remembered this prophecy from the
Scriptures: “Passion for God’s house will consume me.”

I Owe Jesus

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