Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine, Beloved… Beloved, today enjoy your precious life… All life is precious, because the Creator of all life is precious.

Men ascribe value to things made based on the reputation or skill of the maker. Beloved, your Maker is God, His reputation is glorious and out of this world and He does all things well. God ‘don’t make no junk’. You were preciously made.

Men ascribe value to things based on what men are willing to pay to possess it. But, when things are wrecked, the value decreases, even if repaired the worth is never the same. But consider how much God was willing to pay for us, though sin had wrecked each of us. The Father was willing and did give His precious only begotten Son, who gave His precious life, giving His precious body willingly to His persecutors to be broken, and shedding His precious blood being nailed to the cross, because to Him, our souls, out of all the things men call valuable and beautiful on the earth, was the most precious of all. The sacrifice He made to redeem your soul is precious.

Because of our habits, hang-ups, and hindrances, the taunts of our fears, foes, and failures, we don’t always feel precious. But because of He who created us and what He did to save us, regardless our sin and shame, to Him our souls are precious. If God sees you as precious, all that’s left for us to say is, “AMEN!”

His care of you has been precious. He has beheld every step, breathed with you every breath. He has been there, though we have not always regarded Him, He has regarded us, longing to know us and reveal Himself to us, in a personal way, that we might know Him and experience life in His eternal presence.

Beloved, enjoy your precious life. Do know you can increase your value. Give yourself to Jesus to save you, sanctify you, set you apart in His service, and satisfy you early, often, and forever with His precious mercy, grace, and love.

Oh, how precious is the name of JESUS…

I Owe Jesus

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