Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost Touch

Lost Touch

One touch can be lovely, soul stirring.
Yet at other times off-putting, line blurring.
A touch can be soothing and reassuring,
Delightfully memorable or painfully enduring.
Humanity longs for the touch of another,
A mother, a baby, a friend, a lover.
One blessed touch is better than no touch at all.
Yet, a lost touch is a cruel event that can befall,
No visit, no call, no blessed answer, “Hello.”
One you knew well, you, now, no longer know.
Lovers estranged; friends, families divided apart.
No touch by a loving hand, disconnected at the heart.
When ‘unembraced’, an individuals’ inmost being cries.
Sadder still, when without a touch, that person dies.

Take the time; make the effort to maintain the embrace of those you love. To lose touch is tragic. Man lost touch with God. For love, Jesus sacrificed Himself to reconnect us with God. Are you in touch with Jesus?

I Owe Jesus

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