Wednesday, May 1, 2013

God's been just that good.

God's been just that good. Kept me day by day, even when I didn't know to look HIS way. Forgave my foolishness. Ordained my fruitfulness. Lifted me up out of sin. Gifted me to build others from within. Stretched me to stand tall. There to catch me when I fall. Lit my fire. Made fit my desire. Gave my heart a song. Daily making me strong. When I'm down HE picks me up. When I'm empty HE fills my cup. Ever watching over me. Ever guiding me. Endows me with fresh mercy and grace that keeps a smile on my face. I've failed HIM so many times. Yet, HE confirms to my heart, "you're mine." I bless HIM for making me whole, giving me eternal life, saving my soul. Never leaves me alone, inspires me, no matter my trouble, to just run on. What a mighty God! God's been just that good.

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